Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Well Dressed NYC Marathon Runner Wears ...

I guess it depends on what's in the closet the morning of the race. A nice crisp suit is enough for some. But others need to make a stronger statement, So donning a famous landmark is the obvious way to go.

Staying properly hydrated during the 26 mile run is important and the volunteers at the water stations were kept busy with the thousands of participants of the 40th annual NYC Marathon.

Having photographed many parade, street race and protest marches, I've learned to look for interesting backgrounds ahead of time to help add a different touch to an otherwise mundane photo of people running or walking or carrying picket signs.. This mural is in Brooklyn and gives the viewer a flavor of the neighborhoods that make the NYC Marathon unique.

Many of the spectators brought their dogs to the sidewalks of the five boroughs of New York to watch the annual spectacle. This dog - I'm not sure of the breed - was too photogenic to pass up.

Here's the look down 4th avenue in Brooklyn from thethe mile-7 marker of the 26 miles the participants must negotiate. The so-called elite runners - the pros who can run 26 miles well under two and a half hours - have long since passed this point of the course.

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