Thursday, November 5, 2009

I'm With A Winner!

Since I've been with many a team that had no chance of winning a championship of any kind, it's almost beyond belief for me to be connected with the new champs of baseball - the New York Yankees. It's been a great ride from The Phone Call in January to gauge my interest in working for the team as public address announcer to the chilly night in November when the Yankees sealed the deal with a 7-3 win over the Phillies for their 27th World Championship.

This is the jubilation pile moments after the final out with Nick Swisher - on the right - taking flight so as to land on top of his teammates. Number 55, Hideki Matsui - on the left - drove in six runs and was named Most Valuable Player. I'm glad the Yankees - in their first season in the new Yankee Stadium - won the title at home and not on the road in Philadelphia which would have happened had they won Monday night.

The World Series trophy is held aloft and a newspaper proclaiming the 27th World Championship is already in the hands of a member of the team. This picture of joy makes all the work towards a championship - starting in the hot days of spring training in February to the cold nights of November - worthwhile.

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