Sunday, September 4, 2011

A Winning Weekend Of Shots At Yankee Stadium

Lots of people want that ball! Especially the Yankees' Andrew Jones who ran over from right-field in a failed attempt to catch the foul pop-up. If the guy in the middle backs off - Jones makes the play with ease. Oh ... Andrew was running pretty fast and ...

... And he goes over the low padded concrete wall after he failed to win the battle for the ball (he survived his tumble and stayed in the game.) BTW since the foul ball was over the seating area, fans have as much right to the ball as much as the player. Of course, if you prevent your home team from GOING TO THE WORLD SERIES you might not ever live down your lust for a free baseball!

One of my favorite umpires is Tom Hallion. His home plate work especially stands out when he rings up a batter for excessive window shopping (caught looking at a called third strike - the "window shopping" line was a pet phrase of the late Tigers' announcer Ernie Harwell.) Tom twists his upper body violently and yells "strike three!" Last season he forgot the count and went through his strike three gyrations on strike TWO to the Yanks' Jorge Posada who was not pleased the plate umpire lost track of the count.

And after working up a lather calling balls and strikes, Hallion needed to get some sweet relief from a cold towel administered by Yankees' assistant trainer Steve Donohue. It was pretty muggy at Yankee Stadium in addition to being hot.

This is a favorite shot when I can get the ball just before it's caught while the runner is about to touch the second-base bag. The Yanks' Brett Gardner - who leads the majors with 42 stolen bases - is in well ahead of Kelly Johnson's potential tag. The Yankees swept a three game series from the Blue Jays to keep their AL East first place lead

PHOTO INFORMATION: All pictures were shot at 800 ISO (the sun was ducking in and out of the clouds and I wanted to make sure I froze the action with no chance of blur since I sit pretty far from the field.) The aperture/shutter speed combination is F8 at 1/2000

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