Monday, October 11, 2010

Wild NY Weather

Little pearls of hail on the ground outside my house in Brooklyn after a tremendous thunder, lightning, rain, hail and wind storm blew in around 8:30pm. It was a noisy storm with the hail pellets raining down on the roof and windows sounding like being inside a popcorn popper. It was in the low 70's earlier today and tonight we get hail.

Many people were caught unprepared for the hail and rain storm. The sidewalks were full of the thousands of little ice pellets.

And walking across the street was an invitation to get your feet wet since streams of running water were hard to avoid. This is at the corner of Dean and Smith a few feet from my front door.


Anonymous said...

here's video of the lightning that I took:

Alex Taffet said...

That storm was insane. I volunteer at my town's fire department right next to Queens and we were working the whole night due to downed power lines and trees.