Thursday, September 2, 2010

Two Artists At Work

Yankees' pitcher CC Sabathia won his 19th game of the season allowing just one hit over 8 innings to Oakland. CC - who doesn't use periods between the two letters that make up his first name - turned in one of his best performances of the season in 90 degree heat.

It was this pose, or position, that seemed to catch the attention of an artist who literally had a front row seat as she tried to capture the essence of what CC is all about. As we'll see, she took some artistic license with her version of the scene at Yankee Stadium ...

Her finished product of Sabathia gives him much thinner legs than he actually has. But she gets the upper-body girth pretty much right. Yankee Stadium itself is rendered in generic hues of blue and green. I spotted this woman from my perch high above home plate, but I have a pretty good zoom lens and I waited until she made some progress before I took this shot.

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