Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Subway Battle of the Horns

On the way home from the Yankee game in the Bronx, these two guys had an impromptu blow-off in the middle of a car on the #4 line heading to Brooklyn. Actually, the guy on the right was there first and started playing the theme from the movie, "The Godfather." But shortly after he began, the guy on the left jumped on the train and blew a series of disconnected notes - much to the dismay of the other guy (and us passengers who frowned on the intrusion). But one rider urged them to play together and they did ... to the limited ability of the guy on the left. My two bucks went to the other guy and he must have thanked me - in Chinese - three times for my donation. Usually if I take photos of these subway acts, I always give them some money in exchange for being a willing subject.

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