Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Yankees Get An Exciting Win

The Yankees Marcus Thames is watching his game winning homer sail into the left-field stands at Yankee Stadium for an 11 to 9 win over the Red Sox. It was the first meeting of the two long-time rivals in the Bronx this season. Thames says he knew he got all of Johnathan Papelbon's fastball in the bottom of the ninth inning.

Then the fun began ...

Here's the welcoming party at home plate. Thames is in the center of that mob of happy Yankees ... somewhere in there - taking cover as his teammates give him a good-natured pounding.

And - as he did 15 times last season for "walk-off" wins - A. J. Burnett (r) gives the celebratory pie in the face to Thames during the post-game TV interview. It was like old times at Yankee Stadium.

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Bo said...

How did you get that first picture so quickly? Did you have your camera ready for every pitch in the bottom of the 9th in case of a walkoff?