Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Yankees Get Their Rings ... And Me Too!

The Yankees received their World Series rings before their home-opening victory over the Angels. Joba Chamberlain (r) and CC Sabathia (the guy with the big smile) - with their first such rings - look like they're little kids getting new toys. Number 42 Mariano Rivera is an old hand at getting the hardware - he now has five World Series title rings.

And - as the Yankees' public address announcer - I was deemed worthy of getting a ring as well! It's my second championship ring. The Yankee one on the left and the Las Vegas Stars Pacific Coast League title ring from 1986 is on the right. I hope I don't have to wait another 23 years before I get another championship ring.


Bo said...


By the way, is Alfredo the pitcher pronounced A-say-ves or A-seh-ves? I thought I heard one of the TV announcers last year saying he actually prefers A-say-ves.

Ms. Overton said...

hello mr. voice!
i've been reading your blog and checking out your photos -- so much quality and humor -- and i'm really enjoying them! it was great to bump into you on the train tuesday morning...thanks again for the bag-save!

you should come visit my school! kids would freak! it would be really fun!

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