Saturday, April 25, 2009

Two Parks - Two Views

The two views of the new stadiums for New York's Major League teams appears to show Yankee Stadium dwarfing Citi Field, the home of the Mets. And that's the way it really is.

Yankee Stadium is a shrine to the team's rich history and a home to the largest payroll in baseball.

Citi Field - and that name seems to evoke a more pastoral setting- is new as well, but seems to elicit much less awe and wonder than the new Yankee

Stadium. The Mets have heard from their fans that the team's history is not reflected much in the building itself. The fact that the owner of the team has said the design is based in large part on his childhood memories of his favorite team - the Brooklyn Dodgers - isn't sitting well with some people. But the Mets say they'll adorn their home with pictures of former players in prominent locales around the park soon. And a new museum will done justice to the days of Straw, Doc, The Kid, Casey, and Tom Terrific.

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